Branch Committee Members 2021


Chairman - (vacant)

Secretary - Richard (Jim) Bayliss

Treasurer - Dave Clegg (acting Chairman)


Jo Galley

Simon Meyers

Jill Osborne

Pat Pollard

Elizabeth Irving


Since we were unable to hold our AGM and no positions were contested, H/O has stated that the above now constitute the new committee. We shall allocate some time at the next branch meeting to take any questions about this procedure and last years reports.


Branch Committee Members 2019

We have an active committee with members from all walks of life

Vacant-  (retired Chairman) Barry Hain)
I was born November 1946 to a mother that was WRAF and a father that was in the Army Bomb disposal service. I lived in Wyke Regis from the age of 5. and left home at the age of 13 having lied about my age. I did 2 years in the Navy but then decided to transfer to the Royal Marines, I then went on to qualify as a special forces SBS. I did 12 years, seeing lots of places and being involved in lots of different action. After leaving the forces in 1970 I have been married twice and lived in 17 different places and done 108 jobs 5 of which were running my own business. I am the chairman of a local choir and vice chairman of a panel for Synergy Housing. I am a very keen angler and have also been known to do sea fishing. My main interest is acting and performing. I have been with my present partner Sandra for only a few months but it feels as though we have been together for years.

Dave Clegg - Treasurer + Acting Chairman
Born and bred in West London, got a BSc in Maths at Southampton Uni where I met Lynda, a Weymouth girl, married her and converted her to an Essex girl. A variety of jobs in computing as a programmer, analyst then software technician finally arriving at Tesco where I worked for 26 years installing mainframe hardware and software. Luckily I was given voluntary redundancy in 2006 and eventually moved here in 2008. I was secretary of a target shooting club for 15 years and  membership secretary of a shooting organisation, now secretary of Preston table tennis club. I was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2010.


Jim Bayliss - Secretary
Jim Bayliss was born in 1935 in Cheshire. After Grammar School he went to sea as a Deck Apprentice with The New Zealand Shipping Company taking manufactured goods to the antipodes and returning loaded with frozen food and wool.  He left the sea when Chief Officer with his Master’s ‘ticket’ to look after his growing family and worked in the building industry for many years.  Redundant in the seventies – for the third time! – he went back to sea on a dredger bringing marine aggregates ashore for building material and finally took a job with IPL in Dorchester until he retired in 2000.  Jim was a Round Tabler and held many posts including Secretary and Press Officer.  He was also Chairman of Stratford Athletic Club and a keen long-distance runner.  He is a watercolourist and a published author.  A widower for some years Jim has a long-term partner who has Parkinson’s.

Peter Dare - Events Secretary (Retired)
After a spell of Civil Service clerical work he joined Customs & Excise in Southampton 1964 on uniform duties, where work included boarding and rummage of ships passenger's baggage and control of ship's stores. In 1969 he moved to Heathrow and spent time on passenger's baggage, boarding, merchandise in baggage and tarmac preventive duties. In 1976 he moved to Maidenhead and spent the years until retirement in 2002 in VAT Excise. He also spent a considerable amount of time as a training officer. He was diagnosed with PD in 2005. Married to wife Jane, with 2 children & 5 grandchildren, and a football fan, he joined the committee in 2009 and looks after our Events.


Hilary Morley - now retired
One might say that Hilary came upon Parkinson's by chance. When she returned to nursing she found herself giving out pills to elderly patients which were new to her in Surbiton hospital and found that they were for PD. When she moved to Dorset in 1986, the recently formed PD group advertised a meeting at which a Physiotherapist was going to be the speaker. She phoned and asked if she might attend. After several meetings she was asked to join the committee at which point the Chairman mentioned that she was retiring and would Hilary like to take over. So Hilary inherited a branch support group of about 24, and set about visiting them to see who was who. Today we number about 170 having been up to about 250 before we hived off about 70 to form the North Dorset Branch 4 or 5 years ago. Somebody somewhere noticed her efforts on our behalf and about 10 years ago she was made an Honorary Life member


 John & Jan Davis - Bookings (Retired)

Jane Dare (Retired)

To Be Advised

To Be Advised

Other Members



Jo Galley
Pat Pollard
Simon Meyers
Elizabeth Irving

Carers Rep

Fund Raising


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