Branch Meetings and Activity Groups

We have a variety of speakers at our Branch meetings, including Health Professionals, local services and simply inspiring or entertaining people. We akso promote or subsidise activities for the benefit of those with Parkinsons.

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Meetings Venue

We meet from 2.00pm to 4.00pm on the third Monday of the month. Meetings are at Upwey & Broadwey Memorial Hall, DT3 5NG.

NB Attendance at our monthly meetings has been very low recently so we would like to know what we can do to attract more of our members to attend. Are the subjects too boring? is it difficult to get to our venues (above)? or maybe the time of the meetings is inconvenient? Please contact Pat Pollard or Jo Galley with any ideas for future meetings.

Outings in red contact Pat Pollard 01305 264471 to book

Fund raising in blue contact TBA

2021 (dates in reverse order, latest at the top).

Mon Sep 20th 2:30 for 3pm the Annual tea and cakes at Goulds. You will need to book in advance with Jane Dare so we don’t exceed the maximum for the room.

Mon Aug 16th 2pm Our first meeting for nearly 2 years will be a quiet affair, at Broadwey Hall,   ie meet and greet, followed by a game or two of Bingo. Bookings  for Goulds can be made then as well.

NB as a reminder to members old and new, it’s customary to bring a small item, value no more than a pound, which we put into a raffle.

 We might still be in a Pandemic so keep those masks handy

Activity groups

Members can also take advantage of these activity groups

  • Exercise to Music (PDSW) Pavilion Dance South West
  • Hydrotherapy sessions. These consist of exercises in a warm water pool and proved to be of great benefit to those with stiffness or rigidity or balance problems. There are sessions at Dorchester sport cenre and Wyvern which you can book for yourself
  • The downside was the sessions were  a bit expensive so we can’t subsidise anymore.
  • Yoga - We have another  teacher for Yoga for Parkinsons, Sharon Cox-Button. She has a session every monday at 10:00. Call Sharon on 07742 821937 or email to so she knows you’re coming. She has an online session during Lockdown.
  • Carers meetings take place every 2nd friday of the month at the Conservative Club 10:30am, just turn up, no need to book.
  • Sing to Beat Parkinsons, see poster below

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